A Journey to Joy ...
    live by your own design.

Every individual has the right to a joy-filled life; a life of your own design, a life that draws from your deep inner strength, your values and your inner passions.

You have the right to live a life that translates your dreams into action and your possibilities into realities. This then, is the work of "A Journey to Joy™" -- to assist you in finding or regaining that which you hold a passion for, and to do what you love.

There is no individual incapable of being joyful. In truth, joy is an astonishing gift that we choose to give ourselves. Joy is found in the depth of each of us; it is our birthright, seated in our passion and desire to fulfill our dreams. Most of us are so busy going through the motions of making a living we set aside making the life for ourselves that we deserve. That instruction manual on how to be happy, joyous and fulfilled is not just going to drop in your lap from the sky.

A life that is rich, joyful, and deeply satisfying; one that respects your hopes, dreams and the people and things that are most significant to you, is within your grasp.

This is an invitation to make more powerful choices, to create life  with intention and to communicate who you are in all you do. A life is filled with purpose and meaning and is a joy to live, instead of the drudgery you used to suffer.

This vision doesn't have to be wishful thinking. It can very much be your current reality - but only if you're ready to trust in your gifts and embrace the possibility of "something different" than you are living now.

Are you living your own design? The power of this program goes far beyond the search for your life purpose - the difference is in learning how to live by your own design. This invitation is extended to women, men - for anyone who wants to sharpen their personal edge, steer steady through transitions, or reclaim their mojo. This is a call to inspired, authentic living.

So, now the question is asked of you ... are you ready for your  "Journey?" Join me in A Journey to Joy™.

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