The Difference

Randin Brons,Ph.D, C.M.H., M.S.L.C.
"I am passionate about changing the world ... one person at a time! I know that empowering and inspiring people to bring their own unique beauty into the world can transform the larger community for all of us. A Journey to Joy™ is meant to marry inner and outer change. Living your dream may not change the world if you are not working within our own inner landscape. A Journey to Joy™ is focused on your future vision. I coach to help others bring their inner and outer work together so that they can effectively catalyze the changes they envision."

As it is within, so it is without.
The Journey will enable you to regain a sense of control over your life ... your dreams and your future. What work or dream have you left behind only to find that you feel empty or unfulfilled because you have set it aside?

You will begin to identify your limiting beliefs and specific behaviors as you break through old thought patterns, and move through residual barriers that no longer serve you. You will then continue to hone your dreams while you take specific, inspired actions in every area of your life so that you may even exceed your expectations.

It's a tremendous adventure to create a new story for your life. You will be challenged to define your vision for a new way of living by seeking the venue to bring your gifts forward to the world.

I love supporting those people who are ready to deepen their engagement with the world and step into their leadership potential. The outer work can never be small if the inner work is great. And the outer work can never be great if the inner work is small. As it is within, so it is without.

See this as your opportunity to explore and to rediscover yourself. A practical program containing a number of concrete exercises that guide you to discover the goal of your life, your passion and reason for being and more importantly, your joy for life! This is your opportunity to learn how to put what you love back into your life? There are many reasons why you left your passion behind ... lets explore together, the numerous reasons for inviting it back. Are your ready for A Journey to Joy™? Recover the adventure.

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About my coaching credential.

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